Pardis is an exceptional healer and reader. She’s like the psychic big sister that tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
— Elyse, Writer
From the moment I met Pardis, I felt at ease. This was such a welcome change from the worry I had been walking around with for the past year! I had gone into my session with an idea of what I had in store for me in (the big picture) of life, but had no clue how to get there. I felt stuck in a rut and was growing extremely frustrated with my stalled goals and current situation. I knew I didn’t want to stay where I was, but being where I was made me unmotivated to change anything. Pardis spoke to me about changing my mindset and helped fill in my “big picture” with day-to-day actions that allowed me to take a proactive stance on my life and goals. Suddenly, I was in charge again! The clarity and peace of mind I felt (and still feel!) made this an indispensable experience. Pardis came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend her to anyone else!
— Brianna, Client
Working with Pardis was one of the most healing and inspirational experiences that I have had. She is not only a justly gifted practitioner; her techniques are divinely guided, genuine and intuitive. Whether receiving Reiki, angel card readings or intuitive personal and business consultations, she is a truly talented guide with an endless wealth of knowledge, compassion and humor. I ecstatically recommend her!
— JB, Educator
Pardis is a gifted psychic and healer. She channeled some very helpful career and health advice for me. Her approach is caring and safe. I’ve listened to my session with her a few times now and I get something new each time. I look forward to a past life regression session with her and I have referred a couple of my clients to her.
— Andrea Actor/Healer
Some posts are just meant to be commented on. This is one of them. Thank you for an exceptional read when it is so challenging to come across nowadays.
— Ceaxalatt, Lolo Jones 2012 Olympics Behind The Scenes

inter-dimensional communication testimonials

My [IDC] session with Pardis, where she connected me with my guides, was extremely powerful because it allowed me to open up to something deep within me that I had dismissed but needed to embrace in order to be able to grow my relationship with now only myself, but also my estranged relationship with God. 

Pardis is always a true, authentic and reliable source of intuitive guidance and counseling. She is clear and direct yet also empathetic and compassionate. 

I can highly recommend, and often do, sessions with her.
— Jeanette
I recently experienced some complex health issues for which mainstream medicine has  no answer. Furthermore the diagnostic was loaded with a life threatening situation on a medium term. The usual nutritional and more holistic medicine approach had serious shortcomings too. I had to find a radically different approach.

After research, introspection and deep meditation, I knew that the root of my issue was on a spiritual level and my illness merely a biological consequence. Experiencing regular inter-dimensional communication with Pardis allowed me to connect with Divine Energy, feel reassured and cared for. During these sessions, with Paris’ help, I was as well able to travel to another plane and repeatedly meet with a guide with whom I was able to address my health issues. In particular I was able to receive specific answers on the root of my issues, what I needed to do, who I needed to meet with and how to guide my healing journey.

Having followed the path that was shown to me truthfully, I began to heal and a few of my symptoms have already disappeared.

I can’t thank Pardis enough for the safe space she holds, the high vibration connections she helps me to establish and her irreplaceable role in my healing journey.
— Louise, Massage Therapist

INTuitive coaching testimonials

What makes Pardis different as an intuitive coach is her ability to help one take aligned actions towards the fulfillment of their desires. I was at a point in my life where what I desired most was to take more inspired, aligned actions to keep moving forward in my journey; to increase my feelings of progress. Shortly after realizing that desire, Pardis came into my life. Her sessions with me leave me filled with faith, and trust in the Universe, AND also equipped with positive actions I can take NOW, TODAY to continue me on my journey in a state of peace and happiness and empowerment. Her insights go right to the heart of the matter. She is amazingly gifted and I am grateful she is using her gifts to help others. I will continue to recommend her to my family and friends.
— Neerja, Actress/Artist

mediumship session testimonials

As I started this journey, I was VERY unsure! I had never met a medium before and although I was hopeful, I was also wary. I thought you would have a crystal ball and be wearing lots of scarves! I truly didn’t know what to expect. But let me tell you…I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Your ability to connect with my grandmother in such a fun, honest and loving way was nothing short of AMAZING. I had no doubts that she was with us, especially since you told me that she was wearing her favorite Ferragamo shoes! The messages I received from her through you were both powerful and simple. I have been able to take them and move myself forward knowing that is what she wanted for me. I feel more light-hearted and at peace. It has been a tremendous relief to shed the heaviness that was hanging over me after her loss. I’m able to hold onto her spirit in a loving way and it feels so freeing! You are a medium, but truly, you are a HEALER, Pardis. Your gift, your intuition and your authentic delivery has been transformative for me! THANK YOU!!!!
— Wendy
If you could spend just 10 more minutes with a loved one who has passed on, what would you want to hear? That they are at peace? That they love you? That you are appreciated? This, my friend, is exactly what I have experienced in a private reading with Pardis. And I know that you can too.

Pardis and I were in a business workshop (of all things, right?) when my 22 year old son who died in 2006 made his presence known to her. During our lunch break she sat at the table across from me and blew my mind. She told me that there was a male figure here who was very, very tall, telling me he was my son.

She knew exactly how he died, how old he was when he passed, she used phrases and images that were too specific and personal to us for her to have ever guessed at them. As she shared his messages, she was glowing with his light. I could feel his presence. It was so lovely.

She told me how much he loves me and how grateful he is to have been my son.
She reiterated in several ways (as he would do ) that he has seen many families who have suffered and struggled in their relationships. Children who were not so lucky. He acknowledged the challenges we had, the patience that I exhibited and he expressed through her admiration and praise for how I have handled his loss.

Pardis perfectly relayed the energy of his humor, his witty sarcasm and even his ‘bossy self’ when he told me I need to start taking walks again. LOL Pardis is a gifted translator. She has the ability to receive the energetic impulses from the Soul of our departed loved ones and literally translate those impressions and images into healing message of love, peace and liberation from grief.

Thank you, so much Pardis!
— Jan Luther
My session with Pardis was like no other! Her evidential abilities provided a great deal of proof that she did connect with my father (who crossed in 1974). I would highly recommend Pardis for readings. Her gifts reach far beyond others in her field.
— Jennifer LM

Pardis has a gift of gathering like-minded, gifted learners to form a safe, harmonious group. She is wonderful at teaching various mediumship styles. Her teaching materials are comprehensive and clear. She is a very talented medium and her enthusiasm for this work is inspiring.
— Letty
Wonderful class. Helped me feel comfortable and open. Met wonderful people. Pardis was fun, understanding and knowledgeable.
— Saiedah

party testimonials

I was having a private party and a friend recommended Pardis to do readings for those who attended. I have to admit I was skeptical because she was going to work in my home but I figured at the very least it would be entertaining. All of my aforementioned misgivings were dispelled after our initial reading. She was able to provide penetrating insight to many of the questions I had and she brought up things that no one could have possible known by walking into my home. Since then I have been working with her on a regular basis through Reiki and readings and have been surprised to learn how intuitive I am. Not only has my work with Pardis heightened my intuition but I have also been able to visualize moments and locations that have long since passed. Pardis has gifts that are unique and sincere. She has the gift to instantly relax you and conducts readings and Reiki sessions that are productive and insightful. I highly recommend Pardis!
— Louise, Dedicated Client

past life regression testimonials

About two years ago I was highly recommended to go see Pardis for a reading. Immediately I felt connected, like a longtime friend was giving me the best advice I could ever ask for. After some healing sessions I felt I was ready for past life regression. Prior to going I had read some books and heard of other’s experiences but nothing prepared me for what I experienced. I went into the session with my expectations kept to a minimum and left with a priceless gift. Most of my life I never really connected with my father. Up until this point I felt that I had accepted the terms of our relationship and “moved on”. During the session, in one of my past lives, I had a very dear relationship and was fully supported by my then past life father. He was truly my protector. In this particular past life, I was able to see and feel that I had enough guidance and love to carry me into this lifetime. I also learned that since I had an extremely nurturing and caretaker past life father, I never truly became independent in that past life. So, in this life time, I was given something different which enabled me to become extremely independent in this lifetime. I used the session to answer questions that can only be sorted out from a higher power. Acceptance is one thing, but to fully be able to understand the “why” is another. This was just one of my life lessons from the session.

After the session I understood my true self and was more connected. My relationships are more enriched and genuine. I now have a better understanding on why I function the way I do. I now know that is OK.
— Dani Darmanian

Platform Mediumship Event Testimonials

I am still under the effect of your Platform Mediumship event. I was highly impressed. I have had several sessions with you but this event was the most surprising one. When I arrived there, I felt it would be another waste of time and money like with other mediums, but once you did your prayers, the energy switched and I could feel the spirits in the room. Every time you would get closer to me, I would feel tingling all over my body. The messages you delivered to me were extremely impressive. Nobody else besides me knew the things you discussed – I was amazed. Thank you very much! I wish you well and hope you have more events soon. Keep going! I have a sense that you are going to be bigger than you think!
— Marcilio P
I was left speechless! Although I was not one of the people who made a connection that night, it was amazing to see the connections being made. Everything from description of people, description of homes and home environments. It was a great experience and I would love to attend another seminar later down the line.
— A.P.
Pardis is a force of love, warmth, joy and humor. Her enthusiasm for sharing her gift is powerful! Lean in and take the ride!
— Gayle


psychic development and protection class testimonials

I attended Pardis’ Psychic Development and Protection class with a friend and we both loved it.  Pardis is a down to earth, entertaining and insightful teacher who will provide you with a wealth of useful tools and materials.  She also shares many personal anecdotes to illustrate her teachings which I thoroughly enjoyed.  If you are interested in developing your psychic ability or just want to learn more about tuning into your intuition do not hesitate to take this class!
— Colleen Chilson
I would like to take out time to thank you for an amazing class [in Psychic Development and Protection]. It served me as a reminder to tap into myself and remember the blessings of my spiritual gifts. The techniques learned in class (some new, others I had learned from my previous studies) helped me become more clear as to being more focused and being able to channel my energy into my creative projects. I know this class will be a blessing to many others as well. With light, love and bright blessings.
— Rev/High Priestess. Rosa G.
Pardis helped me to explore expanding my psychic development and to learn to protect myself from outside energy. Thank you!!
— Stephanie S.
The psychic development class is a wonderful course to take. If you’re looking to expand your intuition, how to cleanse energetically, ground and protect yourself from outside entities, I highly recommend you take this class.

Before I came to Pardis class, I know I had something lingering around me. After the powerful ancient prayer and the Talisman( As mentioned in her wonderful manual 😁)- with the Solomon’s Seal, my nightmares and energy lifted. I sleep well at night and have more energy during the day. As I know now, energy cleansing is extremely crucial just like a regular hygiene daily routine.

This is class is very entertaining, hands on, and very educative. I give it a 5 star rating!

Thank you Pardis!
— Diana Iriarte

reading testimonials

I felt lighter & more grounded in my power with a deeper un-ego-ed sense of self from my session with Pardis as a result of a very inspirational, insightful & motivating Oracle card reading. Her warm demeanor was strong & yet gentle in a deep spiritually guided way that was comfortable to assimilate. I believe you will be enchanted with her work.
— Jan, Healer-In-Training
My reading with Pardis was like talking with a close friend. She is so honest and genuine, not to mention very gifted in her abilities. As someone who is going through a turning point in my life and career, I feel so lucky to have found her at just the right time. I don’t hesitate to recommend such a wonderful experience!
— Gwen, Actress
Pardis is a powerful and gifted reader. As a clairaudient she is able to directly communicate with helpful spiritual guides. Her lively stories, energy and enthusiasm make the reading special. I have recommended her to several friends who have made repeat visits. She is also a valuable source and connector. You will benefit in many ways from a reading with Pardis.
— Elsa Mehary, Art Director
Pardis has read me twice now and both times she has been spot on. Her insights have helped me to look at relationships in a more informed light, be more empathetic with people whose motivations or feelings I was unclear about, and encourage me to move toward my goals in a more fearless way. She was able to clarify an issue with a family member that had been a mystery to me which led to a wonderful resolution. She guided me toward more patience and empathy with a loved one which helped me feel free. She’s also just so much fun to be around :). I would recommend her to anyone!
— Kay Story
having vision, and the ability to see inside: at truths we sometimes can’t see ourselves, so that we can be illuminated is a great gift. Pardis has this vision. She’s a great talent. Her readings are right on, and past life regressions open the world into a deeper and more beautiful place. a must do! highly recommended.
— Avalove, Artist
Pardis is so passionate about her work with you. Her insights were both inspirational and, well, the kick in the butt that I needed! She tells you the truth- which is not always an easy thing to hear but so valuable. You’d be a fool not to take part in her gifts. I will continue to recommend her to my friends and family. Danielle Changed Client :)
— Danielle, Actress
I was so nervous and excited upon going to Pardis. I’ve been to psychics before, but I knew this would be a different experience. Pardis came so highly recommended, so I knew I should just sit back and let go. And Im glad I did. My Angel reading was one of the most beautiful and life confirming experience I ever had. When the card for Mediumship and Intuition was chosen, It confirmed the gift I was given. I knew I had it for so long, but was so scared to admit it. Since the reading, it has given me more confidence to really own my gift and this life I’ve been given. The experience it total was amazing. Thank you Pardis.....You are truly gifted!
— Michael Jones, Murrieta, CA
I met Pardis during a time of great transition. She has a true gift. She tuned right into my situation with keen and helpful insight. She is wonderful, compassionate, insightful, and thought provoking. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends.
— Malika, Client
Pardis has a calming presence and a certain pull to her that created an immediate environment of trust for me. I was astonished by her insight and energized by the confidence she re-ignited for me — encouraging all things positive for the next phase of my life. If you are feeling stuck and seeking guidance she is a wonderful source of inspiration. I also highly recommend the reiki session. It was my first, and it was similar to being in a deep meditative state. The environment was very calm and safe. I highly recommend her.
— Lauren, Student/Actress/Seeker
I was in a place in my life where I felt incredibly confused, wasn’t achieving my goals, and had no sense of direction. A friend recommended I see Pardis. I admit that I was incredibly skeptical at first, but I couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to have a session with Pardis. After my session with her, I walked out feeling incredibly grounded, confident, and with a clear direction on how to achieve my goals. Not only was my session great, but Pardis was so easy to talk to and created such a safe environment of honest, genuine, and encouraging conversation. I am so grateful to have been recommended to her!
— Alisha, Singer/Songwriter/Yoga Instructor
When I met Pardis there was a shift of energy in the room. She is intrinsically in touch with everything around her! In readings she is able to pick up on things obscured by my ego. During a recent past life regression, she was a gentle and compassionate guide and I was able to see two experiences that indelibly changed how I live my current life. Additionally, she is beautiful and has a very kind heart!
— Victoria, Teacher / Student
Pardis really helped me re-affirm things within myself I already truly knew. I felt like I was talking to a dear friend who was able to help guide me in the right direction with my career and relationships. She is a kind, warm, and insightful woman who I am grateful to know, and I already can’t wait for our next session.
— Nneka, Actress
I just had a reading with Pardis and loved it. Her readings are very heart centered and she creates a space of trust and healing in her work. Many of the points she made were “right on the money” and created new openings of understanding on my situation. I think Pardis has a real gift and I would gladly refer her to friends and family.
— Julia, Client
Having gone to see Pardis with my guard up, I left invigorated. Pardis is kind, insightful, and helped motivate me in many ways. I love her energy and I also love that she is not “hokey”. She is very real.
— Jo, professional
After a reading with Pardis I felt like a great weight had been lifted off of me. Pardis is kind but firm and truthful. I will definitely use her services again and again.
— Shapour, Writer
Pardis is a gift. She has an acutely sensitive ability and a warm, generous heart which makes her a joy to spend time with. Her insights have been right on the mark and I feel so open after working with her. I believe in her skills to the extent that I have recommended her to my clients, friends and family.
— Eva, Delighted client
I have been working with Pardis since the fall, and have grown so much and seen such improvement in my life and career. She is wonderful, sensitive, intelligent, insightful, and very gifted. Every time I follow what she suggests, and it is successful, I refer to it as “the power of Pardis”! She is magical, I highly recommend!
— Krista, Healer & Happy client!
I had been praying for spiritual guidance in my life, and a week later I met Pardis. When I met with her for a reading she was very intuitive and accurate. It was a wonderful and life changing experience. She is really gifted and I highly recommend her!
— Vanessa Bahmani, Photographer
I’m so thankful to have met Pardis and had such a wonderful experience with her. My sitting was incredibly insightful, inspiring and motivating...I left with a revitalized sense of purpose and saw the world with new eyes :) Pardis is so warm, engaging and fun- I felt as though we’d known each other for years!
— Brooke, Actor
Pardis guided me to such clarity at a time in my life when I felt so much pain and confusion! It was a comforting and soothing experience. That kind of help and guidance in my opinion is priceless! I am so thankful that I was led to her and I would gladly refer her to anyone seeking the same!
— Dierdra, Actress
Thank you for an amazingly powerful experience. I can’t tell you how changed I felt the next day and in the weeks after our session. I have been so much clearer, calmer, and more open. I’ve really never experienced anything like it and look forward to working with you over time. Your presence is deeply healing. Thank you again!
— A.P., Therapist
I also want to take this time to thank you. Working with you has transformed me in all areas of my life. No amount of therapy could have done what you have done for me in just a few months (and imagine how much further I would be if i didn’t resist you so much, lol). I believe your gifts could help heal this world and I would love to help you do that.
— Carol V

reiki class testimonials

I had the privilege and honor to become attuned for all three levels with Pardis Partow. The Reiki Master class was superb and profound. There is a deep teaching and healing that happens while learning the foundational principles of Reiki at each level that makes working with Pardis such a rare and sacred experience. She ensures the health, well-being and readiness for each student as she/he progresses and the intention with which each feels called to become attuned to Reiki at each level. The Reiki Master level covered important principles as well as drawing on various other resources to enhance the teaching and understanding of Reiki within energy medicine and healing modalities. Pardis is a gifted healer and teacher and I feel blessed to be in her lineage. If you are drawn to Reiki or healing, take a class or workshop with Pardis. Your life will be forever changed! Blessings, joy and gratitude.
— Vanessa
I am proud to say I have just finished my Reiki Master level training with Pardis. She balances knowledge and wisdom with a very organic way to help the student learn Reiki skills. Her warmth, relatedness and humor help integrate all of this. Being an empath, I have found a teacher who has helped me learn how to protect my own energy in order to continue being of service to others. Many thanks to Pardis!
— Letty A.
I have had the privilege of studying under Pardis for my Reiki Master level 1 certification and have had healing session with her in the past. I consider myself quite a spiritual and open-minded person but was only introduced to Past Life Regression through my association with Pardis. From a personal perspective I found the session to be very beneficial in order to clarify my life path journey and spiritual progression. I am not a person who experiences strong visuals but through Pardis’ professional guidance during the session I was able to unlock certain things in my life that were holding me back from achieving my desired goals both personally and professionally. Every individual’s experience will be different but I would highly recommend trying a session with Pardis to bring clarity to your life’s journey.
— Mike E Ryan
Pardis Partow is super down to earth & transparent. Her healing energy and passion for spiritual work is amazing! As a student, I was able to sense her love for Reiki and urge to awaken the spiritual gifts of her students. Through her personal stories, I was able to relate and understand certain experiences in my own life — especially now as I begin a new journey as a healer. Learning from her has increased my confidence, calmed my nerves, and awakened the spiritual powers within me. Thank you for being a beam of light Pardis!
— Michelle
Reiki I with Pardis Partow was life-affirming, powerful, joyful and dynamic. From the thorough history, philosophy and introduction to Reiki to the principles and guidelines and hand positions, I feel I received an exceptional and superb in-depth initiation into Reiki I than I would have if I took this course with anyone else. Pardis is a phenomenal healer, Reiki Master, and teacher and every step of the way we were able to ask questions. It was a fantastic group of people and so grateful and blessed for the workshop. I can’t wait to do Reiki II and would whole-heartedly recommend any healing session (reading or Reiki) or platform event or workshop with Pardis. There is no one else like her and it is a privilege to have learned Reiki from her! Blessings and Namaste.
— Vanessa
I went to Pardis’ class with an open mind, and finished the day with a new perspective on Reiki as well as my own well-being and abilities. Pardis did a really wonderful job leading us through the steps and uses for Reiki, and I am excited to continue practicing and growing my abilities.
— Tommy M

reiki session testimonials

I was in a really dark place when I met Pardis. I was dealing with depression, panic and anxiety attacks. I had a reiki crystal therapy with her. It was amazing the feeling I had after the therapy. I was so peaceful, I didn’t have that peace for a long time. I was happier and more optimistic after my session. Her readings were really accurate. She could tell me things that I need it to hear to have more peace with myself but also to encourage me to change destroying patterns. Also she was really honest to tell me things that I didn’t want to hear but they were the truth. When I talk to her I feel I am talking to one of my family members. She has helped me to understand things that before didn’t have an explanation. She always shows compassion and how much she cares about you as a person. She has been helping me out to get better and become a better person. I highly recommend Pardis.
— Maria F
Pardis is an AMAZING healer and intuitive. After leaving her Reiki treatment I felt I had shed at least 10 layers of junk I was carrying around. Her personality and confidence put me right at ease and I knew I was in the hands of someone not only gifted at what they do, but had my best interest at heart. I recommend her for any of her services. I guarantee you will feel lighter, more centered and connected to your purpose.
— Heather, Actress