Mediumship is a beautiful opportunity to contact a person who has passed away through a Medium. During a Mediumship session there are no guarantees that the person who you are wanting to speak to will be the actual spirit who has shown up. Sometimes it will be another who you may not have ever met or hardly knew but is a family member or a relative to a friend. Other times the spirit may have a message not specifically for you but for another person in your life. There can be moments during a Mediumship session where a subsequent conversation with family or friends may be necessary to gain some clarity around certain messages allowing one to "connect the dots." Often times Mediumship is a glorious experience allowing one to:

  1. Know that they are not alone. 
  2. Know their loved one is still with them. 
  3. Hear specific messages from their loved one.
  4. Have questions answered.
  5. Receive knowledge that their loved one is doing well on the other side.

One 45min Mediumship Session - $225

1 Mediumship session