Sunday, June 16, 2019

TIME: 7 - 9pm





The intention of this circle is to:

  • build on already learned basic mediumship skills

  • work on more advanced techniques,

  • practice establishing a link to the spirit world,

  • learn various delivery techniques to the spirit word

  • build energy and power to strengthen connection

  • work more closely with the spirit world

  • further enhance your abilities to communicate with the spirit world.

  • learn more about mediumship

  • have a space to continue developing a relationship with your guides and the craft of mediumship

  • have a commitment to attending the circle on a regular basis


Each week I will be teaching something of significance to art of mediumship.  In addition, attendees will be sitting in the power building up their ability to connect to spirit as well as relating messages.  The circle can set you up to be a professional medium. Therefore, commitment to attend circle on a weekly basis after the two vouchers are used is ideal.  The circle can set you up to be on the road to professional mediumship.  To do this, consistency to meet at the same time and day of the week is imperative.  It is through this commitment that the energy of the group will build and each and everyone's gifts will expand and grow over time.   So there will be an expectation of an attempt to come to circle every week.  The circle will be opened to others outside of the class.  However, attendees will have had to have studied the basics of mediumship either with Pardis or with someone else.    Admission to the circle is at the discretion of the organizer Pardis Partow.  For those who have attended the Basic Mediumship Course offered by Pardis,  you will receive two free vouchers to be admitted to the circle.  After, students will be expected to pay the general $25 fee.  For those interested in attending this development circle and who have already studied mediumship please fill out the form below on this website.  

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Sundays | 7 - 9pm