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MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT Platform Mediumship Event



THURSDAY, MAY 10th, 2018

South Charlotte/ballantyne Area, North Carolina


(the address will be disclosed to you after you purchase a ticket)

Limit: 12 people

7 pm - 9 pm


until 12PM on Sunday, May 6, 2018




What is a platform mediumship, you may ask?

A platform mediumship is an event when a medium stands up in front of an audience and delivers messages from loved ones in the spirit world to various individuals sitting in the audience.  In the event the gathering is small, each person will be given a personal message either from a loved one the other side or through Pardis psychically.  In the event the group is large, we ask that the law of adaptation be used by individuals in the audience as messages could easily be applied to you although not given directly to you.  

Please be advised that anybody under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted. This is not an appropriate place for the presence of alternative substances.  

So, please come to this event!   Please bring a friend. You are encouraged to sign up at this link as soon as possible.

With Love and Light,



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Platform mediumship Event TESTIMONIALS

“I am still under the effect of your Platform Mediumship event. I was highly impressed. I have had several sessions with you but this event was the most surprising one. When I arrived there, I felt it would be another waste of time and money like with other mediums, but once you did your prayers, the energy switched and I could feel the spirits in the room. Every time you would get closer to me, I would feel tingling all over my body. The messages you delivered to me were extremely impressive. Nobody else besides me knew the things you discussed – I was amazed. Thank you very much! I wish you well and hope you have more events soon. Keep going! I have a sense that you are going to be bigger than you think!”

— Marcilio P

“I was left speechless! Although I was not one of the people who made a connection that night, it was amazing to see the connections being made. Everything from description of people, description of homes and home environments. It was a great experience and I would love to attend another seminar later down the line.”

— A.P.

“Pardis is a force of love, warmth, joy and humor. Her enthusiasm for sharing her gift is powerful! Lean in and take the ride!”

— Gayle