Connect TO A GUIDE



Pardis Partow

THURSDAY, 9/26/19

7:30-9:30pm, $40


Grand Street Healing Project

105 Grand Street

Brooklyn, New York

With the New Moon in Libra, relationships with closed loved ones, work colleagues or even people you consider acquaintances are in focus. This is also a great time to strive for balance in your life. What better time to go in and see how you achieve that than through a guided journeying meditation? By connecting to a guide, allow yourself the opportunity to go within, see what you want to focus on, and harness to help create what you want to come into your life for the upcoming fall months.

During this healing relaxing guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to not only receive clarity but potentially receive answers to questions you have about your life in the realm of:
- health
- love 

- life purpose
- life's path

- career
, and
- any other worry, concern or questions. 

Energetically, you will potentially experience a:
- Increase in your intuition
- Amplification of your inner knowledge of one's self
- Receiving of messages and answers to questions
- Perceptionthat you are not alone
- Experience of divine love, support, and nurturance
- Acquisition of inner peace and happiness
- Expansion of creativity, and 
- Receiving of healing

Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a pen, and a notebook to journal, and open mind and open heart ♥️  Fill out firm and purchase ticket below.


Please fill in the required information for identification verification at the event and then proceed to Checkout.-

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