ILLUMINATe Your inner light


For Illuminate Your Inner Light, this is a 9 month journey to help you as a woman to embark and enhance your path in becoming a healer. 


It is for a woman who:

  •  is further along in the metaphysical world who KNOWS they are called to be a healer or
  • perhaps have already started some type of healing modality under their belt some way or are willing to learn one during the program.
  • wants support in being professional healer
  • wants to know what it takes to build a business doing this. 
  • wants to further expand their healing abilities.  


The intention of the program will be to support women to create:

  • a community of female healers
  • a nurturing supportive environment
  • inner and outer personal and professional growth
  • tools in self-empowerment, self trust and self confidence
  • tools for self care as a healer
  • an opportunity to understand the way you work, your gifts and your optimum time of output in light of nature’s cycles
  • personal time one on one time with Pardis to work on your own wounds and aspects that may need more healing.


Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • self-care, self-protection, psychic protection & energetic boundaries
  • mediumship basics
  • bach flower remedies basics
  • working with herbal plants basics
  • working with the planets, the moon, seasons, and cycles
  • female archetypes
  • ritual
  • angel therapy
  • meditation,
  • how to give readings
  • working with the different clairs
  • emotional intelligence in dealing/interacting with clients


The Program:

  • an all day class 10-7pm once a month where we will cover a topic or several subject matters
  • 2 personalized 90 minute healing sessions with Pardis each month (worth $250 each, a total of $500)
  • a 45 minute group call once a month which will either be in Q&A, or lecture mode

June 25th until February (9 months)

Price: $450 / month for 9 months.  

To hold your spot, pay a $150 deposit.  This will be applied to your first month's payment.  However, it is non-refundable.  So the first month after the $150 deposit there will be a $300 charge.  Then $450 on the 15th of every month afterwards for the next 8 months.  

If you pay it in full, it will be $3,800, a savings of $250.


Illuminate Your Inner Light Deposit
Illuminate Your Inner Light - Full Payment