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"Leo Wolf Blood Full Moon" Eclipse Journeying Meditation

So have you noticed how crazy the energy has been lately? Well with this eclipse and full moon we are releasing and transitioning big time. Our shadow stuff (traits that we have shame around and want to suppress) is being exposed for us to work on. But have no fear, the fact that it is influenced by Leo ♌️, it is also a time to not only reflect on your “stuff” but also celebrate what you have accomplished and worked hard on since the last Leo eclipse in Aug 2017. So what better way to cope with all of this by attending a meditation where you can connect to an Archangel for guidance? "What is an archangel?" You can think of them as "managers" of your guardian angels. Now the cool thing about them is that they have the capacity to be in many places at the same time and assist many people at the same time. So, you can never think that your needs are not important enough for their call. They will come. However, they cannot intervene with your free will. So, you need to ask - unless you are about to experience a life-threatening event that is before your time to cross over. Then they will jump in. Yet, it is in your best interest to not be shy and to request help. You can do this during this meditation. First, we will reflect on what we want to release and surrender. Then we will go into a journeying meditation where I will lead you into a deeply relaxed state allowing you to connect and receive the guidance and advice of an archangel. With all of this crazy moon emotional energy running rampant, this is a good time to try to connect to an archangel and ask for the best kind of help. You may receive answers to questions regarding not only what is going on now but how to deal with things in the future. The last time I led this "Connect to an Archangel" meditation, a participant was able to receive information regarding how many books she was going to write, and what each topic was for each book! You may also learn about your: - health, love life, life purpose, career, etc...This will open you to the possibility of: Increasing your intuition - Receiving answers to questions - Knowing you are not alone! So please come!  $40 at Grand Street Healing Project, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Later Event: February 2
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