Tips For Forecasting Your Own Life

Happy New Year!  One of my favorite things to do for the upcoming year is to give myself an Upcoming Year (aka Monthly) Oracle Card Reading.  It is a great way to way to create a “yearly forecast.”  How do you do that?  Well here are some easy steps to show you how:

1. Choose an Oracle Card Deck that Resonates with You  
If you do not have your own deck, there are plenty you can purchase online.  My favorite are the ones by Doreen Virtue.   

2. Energetically Cleanse Your Card Deck (choose one of the following two ways)                Clearing Deck Method 1: Hold the deck in your non-dominant hand.
Knock the deck several times with your dominant hand.

Clearing Deck Method 2: Hold the deck in either hand. Sweep the other hand over the cards. Set the intention of clearing the deck of unwanted negative energy. Say a prayer over the cards. For example: “Dear God, thank you for the resolving and dissolving anything that is not of Divine love and light."

3. Consecrate (Bless) the Card                                                                                                              i.   Touch each card briefly to infuse each one with your personal energy.                                                                                                            ii.   Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think of any prayer or intention you would like to bless your cards with. You can ask for help you would like during your readings such as                                             confidence, clarity, compassion and so on.  For example: “I ask that all of my readings with these cards be accurate and specific, and bring blessings to everyone involved.  Please grant me and bless me with the resources, humility, grace and focus so that I may clearly hear, see, feel, and know the Divine messages that wish to come through these readings.”
iii.    Now your cards carry your personal vibration and intentions. 

4. Ask a Question and Shuffle the Cards:
Since we are trying to look for the year ahead, you can ask something like this, while shuffling the cards at the same time: “Show me a card for each month of the year to shine some light on where my attention and efforts should be place for 2016.”

5. Choose Your Cards
Pull a card for each month of the year, starting with January, then February, March and so on. See the picture below as an example:

6. Keep Record                                                                                                                                  You can either take a picture of your layout or jot down the themes from the cards on a piece of paper.  As you refer back each month, you will be amazed as to how accurate and helpful these cards have been.  You will also see how beautiful and useful this layout was when preparing for what was to manifest for your amazing and wonderful 2016.  Have fun with your 2016 Oracle Card Reading!!   

If you need assistance with this process and would like an upcoming year reading for 2016, please feel read to contact me HERE to schedule a session.