There is no single method of psychic protection that works well for everyone. Here is a list of a variety of ways to protect yourself some of which are time-proven methods:


1) Absolve Fear - Have no fear. Like energies attract each other.

2) Visualize - There are many visualization exercises. Surround yourself with a bubble or anything you want. It could be a wall, a cloak, or any barrier your mind can visualize.

 3) Wear a Crystal - Examples are black tourmaline, smoky quartz, apache tears, black obsidian, jet or amethyst. You need to be sure to keep your crystals cleansed.

4) Balance – Look at your relationships. Are you giving or taking more. Look at your time. Are you working or playing more. Look at your food intake and physical activity. How much are you eating and getting out of your home? If you are out of balance, then get in balance.

 5) Clean Living - Avoid drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. These items open the aura.

6) Conscious Socializing - Pick your sexual partners carefully. Auras tend to mingle and may take on negativity. Also, consider the vibes of your friends. Are they always negative and pessimistic.

7) Stay Hydrated - Drink lots of water. Water is an excellent and powerful purifying. They say that negative energies will attach themselves to your kidneys. High fluid intake will help clear that.

8) Working with Talisman, Amulets and Charms - These objects have been used over many centuries to help people with self protection.

9) Meditate - Meditation is an amazing way to fortify and nurture.

10) Pray and or Spiritually Connect - One of the best ways of protecting one’s self is to merely call upon your Guardian Spirit or Angel. I personally like to call on God because mischievous entities can disguise themselves as anything but God. I have found that starting your day with prayer asking for additional protection helps tremendously. I also do some prayers before and after a session with a client.

11) Chakra Balance - In addition, you want to concentrate on the well-being and health of your chakras. If they are clean and functioning properly, they will keep you protected. With healthy chakras, comes a strong aura.

12) Healing – Go to a healer and have them clear and clean your energy. If you yourself know a healing modality take the time to do it for yourself. Sometimes even if you are not attuned to the healing modality of Reiki putting your hands on yourself is enough.

13) Cleansing Baths – Water in itself is very clearing and purifying. Imagine adding things like Epsom salts, baking soda, herbs, teas, essential oils to your bath. They can help tremendously get rid of unwanted energy. When I have it I like to throw in some Holy Water!

 14) Dry-Bathing – This is a technique that is taught in a Reiki class. However, it can be used by anyone.

 15) Develop Your Intuition - As you learn to trust your inner voice, you will be able to feel and sense energies around you that are supportive and energies that are not. This will act as a powerful guidance system in your life. 


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