Have you felt:

- Anxiety with your job?

- Unbalanced in your life?

- Sleeplessness from anxiety?

- Unexplained phobias?

- Chronic physical pain?

- Stress?

- Grief brought on by the loss of a loved one?

- You want to connect more with your Intuition?


I am here to help. I can address these things.

My services are designed to help you:

- Feel more confident with your decision making.

- Have more clarity.

- Find your purpose. 

- Gain knowledge.

- Guide the direction of your life.

- Clear up stress in your life.

- Have the life you want to have.


Initially, I suggest an Intuitive Consultation or Mediumship. From there, I can recommend other services which enhance your ability to get what you need, and these involve Past Life Regression, Interdimensional Communication, Crystal Reiki Healing Session, Coachingand Bach Flower Remedies. There is a process - it takes commitment. When you delve into a program, we look at your life and where it is that you can do the things you need to do to improve your life.


An ideal situation is that we work on a program which involves all of these modalities. To discuss, please contact me directly.