A “Connect to a Guide” healing session is when Pardis assists you to connect DIRECTLY to an angel, guide, guardian angel, ascended master or archangel. Some people have even connected to God, believe it or not! This session is a two step process where first energetic blockages on the body are identified and cleared to enhance your capacity to connect, heal and spiritually ascend. Next, you are taken on a journeying meditation where you are given the opportunity to connect to a divine energy. During these sessions, past life, ancestral, current life issues can be addressed, cleared and healed. In addition, questions about your life such as their life purpose or how to handle a specific perplexing matter can be answered directly from the divine source to the client while in a relaxed meditative state. What is amazing is that after the session, a client has the name and connection with a divine energy who he or she can work with forever onward to continue to guide, support and advise the client on their own time and leisure after the session. This is an opportunity for you to gain the tools and connection to be your own healer. Clients have reported after these sessions to feel:

  • less stressed

  • lighter

  • happier in years

  • renewed in their faith and spirituality

  • armed with a protocol to address their ongoing illnesses

  • more intuitive

  • a sense, and or knowing they are not alone

  • more grounded and centered

  • more confident

  • touched by divine love, support and nurturance

If this is something that you want to experience for yourself, please contact me to discuss.

Sessions are 120 - 180 minutes (2-3 hours).

Connect to a Guide Healing Session