this is a foundational PROGRAM to help you embark and enhance your journey

in becoming a

healer, LIGHTWORKER, MEDIUM, PERSON OF IMPACT or a thought leader in a group community setting  


Are you a person who:

  • Wants to make a difference in the world?

  • Feels a draw or a pull towards the healing arts?

  • Know you have gifts? You want to learn more about your abilities and want to expand on them?

  • Is craving support in further pursuing your career in the healing arts?

  • Knows that you want your life’s work to connect to your heart, spirit and inner knowing?

  • Wants more visibility and recognition for your work in the world, without selling your soul?


Illuminating the Light Within will provide the space for you to learn the practical and spiritual foundations necessary to bring your desires into the world and actually make a living from it. This program will provide you with the fundamental skills of being a healer so you feel CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED and SUPPORTED in your dreams and in your work.


I believe to the core of my being that we need more men and women out there dedicated to some form of the healing arts to assist in healing and transforming the world.  It is my deepest desire and passion to educate and mentor these men and women to be able to further develop, nurture, and support their gifts so that they can pursue their dreams as healers of this world.


I know too many talented, well-intentioned, and loving people such as yourself who have not been supported or educated in how to further develop their gifts in a way that allows them to feel confident in being able to access and turn them into a real career.  Perhaps you too have not had the environment to develop your abilities in a way that would allow you to blossom into the transformative healer that you dream to be.  As a result, you:

  • Stay in your corporate job

  • Hold yourself back

  • Hide your gifts and abilities

  • Remain stuck

  • And don’t pursue your dreams.

So, year after year, you find yourself still yearning to make a difference, to be BIG, to put yourself out there.  Yet, as each year passes, you are not much farther along than you were the year before. 


I know you feel this way, because I used to feel this way, too.  For way too long, I literally was afraid to tell people what I do.  I did not know how to share my gifts with the world.  I did not put myself out there sharing my wisdom and hard-earned knowledge.    So, I simply just let the “universe” help me and basically struggled to fulfill my dreams in making a difference in the world


Using the techniques and knowledge that you will learn in this program, you will be able to create the life you want to lead as a healer making strides towards making a difference in this world. 


The goal of this program is to GIVE you:

  • A stronger sense of who you are

  • More knowledge of what you want and the direction you want to go in with your healing practice

  • Confidence and personal growth both internally and externally

  • A greater connection to the divine and your soul/higher self

  • Significantly enhanced healing abilities

  • Growth and development in your own personal spiritual practice

  • Support from a community of likeminded individuals

  • A space to learn a new gift specific to you

  • Tools to enhance your intuition

  • Support and guidance in achieving your goals

  • Enhanced ability to journey and receive messages, visions, and insights during guided meditations

  • Tools to amplify your self care and boundaries as a healer


In this program, you will learn:

  • The BUSINESS of being a healer

  • The metaphysical ways to PROTECT yourself energetically

  • The various types of MEDITATION

  • Accessing and further developing your INTUITION

  • Tools to access a stronger CONNECTION with your soul, spirit and the divine.

  • Learn a new GIFT that is specific to you

  • Life lessons and WISDOM in being a healer

  • A better understanding of the CYCLES in the seasons, moons and the stars in relation to you and your business

  • The ENERGETICS around working with clients and how to maintain a POWERFUL ENVIRONMENT while working with your clients.

  • The natural various ways clients or practitioners show RESISTANCE when taking on, learning or adapting to something new

  • Ways to identify your IDEAL CLIENT, PURPOSE and VISION for yourself and your practice

  • Tools to creating an IDEAL SCHEDULE

  • How to BLUEPRINT and plan events or retreats out

  • Various ways to EMPOWER yourself


This is a 9-month program.  You will receive:

  • Nine all day classes 10-5pm once a month in Brooklyn where I will teach key topics. These classes will be highly interactive and experiential. Distance attendance is possible via Skype or Zoom. Absences will be covered with recorded calls and classes.

  • Six 45 minute prerecorded training calls with worksheets.

  • Nine 45 minute group Q&A calls once a month in which I will answer any questions you have about your skills or your business or the content provided. These will be recorded and emailed upon completion as well.

  • Nine 60 minute coaching calls once a month with me, Pardis, each month.

  • Nine recorded meditations sent out once a month for you to have and work with. This will allow you to further develop your connection to yourself, to the divine and your intuition. With the various types of meditations sent to you, you will be able to learn what works best for you.


The program begins on Sunday December 2, 2018                                                                                            

Sun. Dec 2 | Sun. Jan 20 | Sun. Feb 17 | Sun. Mar 24 | Sun. Apr 14 | Sun. May 19 | Sun. Jun 2 | Sun. July 14 | Sun. Aug 4 |



$3840 (However, a payment plan of $450 per month is available).

If you feel you have a calling for this program, rather than just asking you to sign right up, I request you take the time to have a call with me, Pardis.  We will discuss what you are loving in your life, what you are looking for, what you may want to add to your life and how this program may be able to assist you.  Then we will see if this will be a great fit for you.  This class is intentionally kept small for personal attention.  There are currently only a few spots left.  Contact me to take yours!