Foundations of Mediumship Class

DATE: SATURDAY July 20, 2019


TIME: 10AM-7pm



  • Are you curious and open about learning about the spirit world?

  • Are you wondering if you can speak to the spirit world?

  • Perhaps you already know you are naturally mediumistic and really want to hone in on your skills to become a medium?

  • Perhaps you are wanting to control some feelings of anxiety or fear or concerns that are related to sensing the Spirit World?

  • Are you feeling a calling to figure this out?

  • Do you believe there is something missing if you do not explore mediumship? 


In this class we will learn:

  • the format for giving a mediumship reading

  • the specific chakras that pertain to mediumship as well as the other main chakras

  • to raise your vibration to communicate with the spirit world

  • symbols in mediumship

  • the opportunity to meet your spirit team, one of your spirit guides, and your soul

SPECIAL BONUS:  When you join the class, you'll receive 2 vouchers for a mediumship circle I run.  This circle is a weekly opportunity for you to hone your mediumship skills, so you become a more accomplished medium and to support you in becoming a professional medium (if that's your desire). 

If this sounds like a class that you would be interested in taking, I would like to invite you to sign up.



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Mediumship Class $250

Here are some Testimonials from students who have taken the class:

The beginner’s mediumship class was so much fun. I learned so much - great manual, practical applications and exercises and learning about mediumship - so fascinating! Also, what a great group of healers to spend the day with. Pardis, you are such a gifted healer and teacher - such a joy and so generous with your wisdom, research and real life examples as a healer.
— Many Blessings, Vanessa

I love Pardis’ generosity in teaching! She offers an enthusiasm and authenticity that surpasses the standard of what many experience in the mediumship space.
— Gayle

Pardis’ mediumship class was such a safe space to explore and cultivate our gifts. I was able to learn about my own connection with spirit and discern how they may be trying to get my attention and how to invite and end my time with spirit.
— Lydia