to take your inner knowing, intuitive abilities and connection to the

universe to the next level and into your everyday life

allowing you to create more peace, inner confidence and personal power



Are you a person who:

  • Has a sense that you may have some intuitive abilities?

  •  Wants to learn more about your “gifts” and want to expand on them?

  •  Is craving support while further developing your interests in the metaphysical?

  •  Knows that you want to further connect to your heart, spirit and inner knowing?

  •  Wants to learn how you can apply your intuition to your everyday life and career?

  • Is sensitive to other people’s energy and wants to learn how to shield yourself energetically from others?

  • Has a sense that expanding your abilities, accessing inner guidance, connecting to the Divine will powerfully shift your life, business, relationships, finances and more?


Embarking on this journey will provide the space for you to learn the practical and spiritual foundations necessary to enhance your intuition and apply it to your everyday life. It will allow you to feel CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED and SUPPORTED in your inner knowing for yourself, and if you choose so, for others in your life as well.


When you know more about how to access your inner knowing, you know what you need or need not do in your life.  You know what is best for you.  This leads to ease, peace and happiness.  One of the things I am committed to is helping people to further develop and nurture their gifts to allow them to live their lives with more joy, grace and ease.  


I know too many talented, well-intentioned, and loving people such yourself who have not been supported or educated in how to further develop their gifts in a way that allows them to feel confident in being able to access them and possibly turn them into a career.  Perhaps you too have not had the environment to develop your abilities in a way that would allow you to blossom into the transformative healer that you dream to be.  As a result, you:

  •  Hold yourself back

  •  Hide your gifts and abilities

  •  Remain stuck

  •  And don’t pursue your dreams. 

So, you find yourself sensing and feeling things that you may not fully understand.  You know you have some sort of abilities or inner knowing but do not know how to further develop them.  You have anxiety, fatigue and overwhelm from energies that are not necessarily your own.  Yet, you do not know what to do about them.  


I know you feel this way, because I used to feel this way too.  For much too long, I would suddenly know things about people I had no explicable way knowing.  I would be happy one minute and then unknowingly take on another person's sadness simply by sitting next to them. It was exhausting and hard to reconcile. I also found it hard to truly connect to others well.  Many instances, I would feel the need to withdraw.  It was after learning how to nurture my gifts and handle energies around me, that I transformed what I knew into a healing practice. I became committed to helping others do the same and created this program as a way to support you on your journey.

Using the techniques and knowledge that you will learn in this program, you will be able to learn how to shield yourself energetically, understand your intuitive abilities to pursue the goals you want to achieve.  

Furthermore, when you know more about how to access your inner knowing, you learn how to instinctively and intuitively direct your life and pursue as well as manifest what you want.  This leads to ease, peace and happiness.  This program will provide the space  to allow you to live your life with less stress, confusion and aggravation and more joy, grace and ease.  


The goal of this program is to GIVE you:

  •  A stronger sense of who you are

  •  Confidence and personal growth both internally and externally

  •  A greater connection to the divine and your soul/higher self

  •  Growth and development in your own personal spiritual practice

  • Tools to enhance your intuition

  • Support and guidance in achieving your goals


In this program, you will learn:

  •  The metaphysical ways to PROTECT yourself energetically

  •  The various types of MEDITATIONS to further enhance your abilities, and allow you to be more connected

  •  Accessing and further developing your INTUITION

  •  Tools to access a stronger CONNECTION with your soul, spirit and the divine.

  •  Learn a new GIFT that is specific to you

What is the difference between working with Pardis in a coaching program setting versus a regular one-off session twice a month?

  • When you show up for a regular reading:

    • There is no follow up

    • There is no container or space holding

    • You just show up and it is one and done.

  •  When you sign up and are in the Illuminate Your Light Within coaching program:

    • I am holding the energy and space for you not only during our sessions but in between the sessions. This energy and space are also known as a container. Within this container, such as a bowl or glass swirling allowing whatever is within its walls to move, flow, expand and grow. Unlike a one-off session, there is more room and space for things to flourish.

    • I will be emitting, putting out more intention and focus on you and your abilities to amplify and grow.

  • Now, I do not offer coaching to all of my clients. I want to speak with you to see what you are looking for, what you are wanting, and how I feel I can support you. After all, we want to discuss to see if there are all the pieces you want. This relationship also requires from you:

    • follow through,

    • your persistence,

    • your dedication, and

    • required check in time.

This is a 6-month program.  You will receive:

  • Two (2) 60 minute one on one time with me (b/c that matches how you’ve referred to yourself throughout this).  In each private 1-on-1 call, we’ll cover [healing, teaching, training, coaching]

  • 1 recorded meditation a month sent to you to own and work with.  This will allow you to further develop your connection to yourself, to the divine and your intuition.  With the various types of meditations sent to you, you will be able to learn what works best for you.  · 

  • 3 Text of Email thread conversations per month



If you need a monthly payment plan, it will be $550 each month for 6 months.


 Please  CONTACT ME HERE to further discuss if this program is a good fit for you.  Also, to ensure that I am the right person to support you on this journey.